While this may not come as big news, the highlight here is that the Reactions tab for Facebook Messenger has a dislike button.

Social media giant Facebook has bowed to longstanding pressure by trialing a "dislike" button for the first time, though not on its most popular platform used by almost two billion users. Theses reactions include the six reactions that we've seen for posts- Love, Laughter, Wow, Sad, Angry and the classic Thumbs-up.

Facebook has not added a dislike button in the News Feed Reactions to avoid negativity. Facebook app is testing the dislike button with a thumb down emoji.

However, instead of just adding "love", "haha", "sad", "angry", and "wow", and definitely "thumbs-up" or like, the Messenger version is also adding a "thumbs-down" or dislike button. You can tap a specific message in the thread to see a full list of who left which Reaction.

Get ready to troll your friends by disliking all their messages!

Often, the introduction of a dislike button on Facebook has been speculated.

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If there's one Facebook rumor that absolutely refuses to die, it's that a dislike button might someday appear on the site. It was expected that it could lead to too much criticism and people may end up using the button more than the like button. If Facebook mobile or Facebook app can make messenger more convenient, it can compete with Snapchat or Line.

Reactions is a feature introduced by Facebook a little over a year ago, which significantly expanded the kind of response a particular post, picture, or video got from other users. The report further said that messenger will also have reaction buttons.

The new function is now only appearing for a small group of users, but may be rolled out more widely if the tests are considered a success. This time, rumors were stoked when it was discovered that the social network is doing a small test of a thumbs down reaction inside of Messenger.

The button will be trialled in the Messenger app as a reaction to people's comments.

Christmas 2016 had the highest number of reactions used on posts in a single day, a Facebook representative told New York Magazine.