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However, that 14-day limit is now being removed, giving players more time and freedom to explore the game before subscribing.

The free trial still has certain caps and restrictions, but this certainly seems like a welcome way to incite players to give the game a look.

Perhaps you played the free trial three years ago and didn't have the time to try out everything you wanted, well now's the time to return! You'll be able to link up with friends and randoms, visit the Deep Dungeon, and take advantage of the cross-platform play between PC and PlayStation 4. Until then, though, fans will have to be content studying Prompto's photography in an attempt to discern the potential darkness hidden within Final Fantasy 15's seemingly carefree party member. The removal of the time limit for the trial version of the game could also be Square Enix's way of trying to get more players on board before the expansion is launched.

However, Square Enix acknowledged this, as the first major update of the game has provided an alternative Chapter 13 that is created to fix the mistakes they made in the original version.

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The revised 13th chapter is available now, for free, and can be played from the game's main menu. That changes on Tuesday as a new update will now grant all free trial players unlimited playtime up to level 35. The game's next major narrative expansion Stormblood arrives on June 20 and a massive $200 collector's edition is available on the game's website.

On top of altering Chapter 13, update 1.07 also fixes a number of bugs.

Previously new players could try the game for 14 days for free with some limitations.