USA president Donald Trump on Friday approved the Keystone XL pipeline that his predecessor, Barack Obama, had suspended.

Today, President Donald Trump together with the U.S. State Department have signed and issued a presidential permit to construct the Keystone XL pipeline. That's because Midwesterners could wind up paying 10 to 20 cents more per gallon of gasoline if the pipeline diverts crude oil from Midwestern refineries down to those in the Gulf of Mexico region.

The Trump administration might have signed off on the Keystone XL project, but the pipeline's still got at least one big hurdle to overcome.

The 1,200-mile pipeline - which would deliver crude from western Canada to the Gulf Coast - has been the subject of almost a decade of controversy and emphatic lobby efforts by both environmentalists and the oil industry.

Despite loud opposition in Nebraska, most of the state's top elected officials support the pipeline.

In addition to requiring a presidential permit, TransCanada on February 16 filed for approval from Nebraska's Public Service Commission.

But since TransCanada first applied for a building permit in 2008, the Keystone XL pipeline has been met with dissent at every turn.

Activists are gearing up for another rousing multi-pronged fight against the recently revived Keystone XL Pipeline. The project's tangled history includes lawsuits, dozens of state and federal hearings, and threats of protests in Nebraska that could resemble the Dakota Access Pipeline showdown in North Dakota.

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The Republican Senator went on to signal that Welspun Tubular, a Little Rock pipe manufacturer, has already produced hundreds of miles of the pipe required for the project.

"We greatly appreciate President Trump's administration for reviewing and approving this important initiative", he said, according to the Associated Press.

Throughout the first couple of months of his presidency, Donald Trump has been motivated to keep jobs on US soil, but when it comes to the steel being used to create the Keystone XL pipeline, The Independent claimed the materials would be sourced from Canada and Mexico in part. This time, said McKibben, opponents will be helped by depressed oil and gas prices, which make the pipeline less financially viable than before.

Throughout the election campaign Trump promised to withdraw the USA from the Paris accord, although in late November he said he had an "open mind" about the plan.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau saluted the news: "We're very pleased with the announcement coming out of the United States", he said, welcoming indications the project would be spared from upcoming Buy American rules.

"We will never allow an inch of this foreign steel pipeline that can pollute our water and take away our property rights and has threatened treaty rights of tribes here", said Jane Kleeb, president of the Bold Alliance, an advocacy group started in Nebraska to oppose the project. Environmentalists and landowners have always been battling the pipeline in Nebraska, citing concerns that a leak from the pipeline could harm either the ecologically sensitive Sand Hills region or the crucial water supplies in the Ogallala aquifer.

"The Presidential Permit is only one part of a web of federal, state, and local permits that must be obtained prior to starting construction", said Fred Jauss, a former lawyer with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and partner at the global law firm Dorsey & Whitney, in an interview with Reuters.