An investigation by The New York Times found that Bill O'Reilly, a TV personality and the host of the No. 1 show on cable news in 2016, "The O'Reilly Factor", has been accused by seven different women of "sexual harassment or other inappropriate behavior".

"I'm told that they are taking it seriously, and they are going to do the investigation that's legally required of them", Bloom said on "Reliable Sources".

After Walsh declined, and they went to the bar instead, she claims that O'Reilly became hostile and told her to "forget about any career advice I gave you, you're on your own". When Zimmerman tells O'Reilly that Rice said she didn't leak the names, O'Reilly continues looking for a different answer.

Last week, Bloom posted a video of herself and one of O'Reilly's alleged victims, Wendy Walsh, making a complaint against O'Reilly using Fox's corporate hotline.

In a segment of Saturday Night Live on April 8, Alec Baldwin portrayed both Fox News host Bill O'Reilly and President Donald Trump.

The host goes on to admit that he has also made the news this week for women coming forward to accuse him of "offering them exciting opportunities here at Fox News".

Like Trump, O'Reilly has denied all the charges.

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Saturday night's episode of "SNL" marked the first time in the show's 42-year history that it is airing live in all time zones. The rest of the sketch hits Trump, Vice President Pence, and Chief White House Strategist Steve Bannon hard.

O'Reilly said that he was targeted with allegations and lawsuits because of his celebrity.

After his female correspondents have either quit or only appear on the show via satellite "and exactly 500 yards away", O'Reilly admits that 60 of his sponsors had pulled their ads from his show, but he still had no idea why.

O'Reilly or the company he works for, 21st Century Fox, paid about $13 million to the five of those women who sued him or the company. Trump had openly declared that O'Reilly did nothing wrong and shouldn't have settled with his accusers during an interview with The New York Times.

Trump suggested the claims against Ailes were "totally unfounded based on what I've read", even calling him a "very, very good person" and a "friend of mine for a long time".

Walsh is one of several women who have made claims of sexual harassment against O'Reilly.

Fox News has stood by O'Reilly, as it can financially withstand the impact of the advertiser defections by placing the commercials in other programs on the channel.