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In a post on BioWare's website, GM Aaryn Flynn thanked the millions players who have picked up Mass Effect Andromeda and assured them this is "just the beginning" of the game's journey.

Mass Effect Andromeda is out now on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Denuvo was supposed to be the end of piracy, however seeing how little time it has taken for CPY to crack Mass Effect Andromeda is a worrying sign for developers.

Liam Robertson, "The video games history guy", spoke to anonymous Bioware employees to learn some details about facial and character animations for the game. A new report has shown some insight on the games biggest gripes: The animation. That will apparently soon change, if a claim by BioWare is to be believed.

Also on the list are updates to the eyes for human and Asari character models and fixes to animation lip-syncing, along with a fix for Ryder's weird running animation glitch.

Dazzling 'Ghost in the Shell' is lost in translation
I didn't care that much about it when it came up as an "issue" for the film, and I care even less after seeing it in the theaters. Sanders does bring some magnetism to a few sequences, most notably Major's camouflage water fight scene .

EA often outsources work and animation from one internal studio to others, so this is nothing new for the publisher. They are working to release X5 Ghost rifle in the game. It was an early idea that become a prop, but doesn't exist as a functional gun in the game.

The studio is also looking to add more cosmetic items to the single-player campaign free of charge, and plans to further build upon the multiplayer experience over the next couple months with new maps, weapons and characters.

We're still not sure about what to expect in the following updates that BioWare is planning to release, but, according to the developers, it seems that fans won't have to wait much longer until the updates and patch fixes land in the game.

Ian Frazier, lead designer for "Mass Effect: Andromeda" recently answered one curious fan's question regarding a gun that kept appearing on cut-scenes, but not actually made available for real combat.