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AOL released more information Tuesday about the Twitter tweet that AOL CEO Tim Armstrong released Monday, which revealed a new holding company that Verizon named Oath.

Have you heard? The dumbest merger in American media history is pretty much done and that means AOL and Yahoo are about be joined in unholy matrimony by the church of Verizon. Once Yahoo has been finalized it will be broken up merging some divisions with AOL to create Oath.

Yahoo slashed the price of its core Internet business by US$350 million, and under revised terms of the delayed deal, Verizon's purchase of Yahoo's assets is to total US$4.48 billion.

Verizon's Yahoo deal is expected to be worth just over $4USD billion dollars and their purchase of AOL back in 2015 was also just over $4USD billion dollars.

As Recode adds, it will also be interesting to see if she gets the full pay-out she is owed, after the recent hacking disaster and the general downturn in Yahoo's business during her tenure.

What the death of broadband privacy rules means
In the absence of strong privacy rules, people will have to rely on encryption to prevent service providers from tracking them. Susan Collins, say they put internet service providers at a disadvantage against websites that can sell personal information.

Yahoo originally agreed to sell its online operations to Verizon for $4.8 billion after years of unsuccessful attempts to boosts its revenue.

The deal, first announced in July of a year ago, is expected to be final by sometime this summer.

However, other government investigations and third-party litigation related to the hacks will be shared by Verizon and Yahoo. So far, go90 has fallen short of Verizon's expectations, but the company apparently remains completely committed to the mobile app. Verizon has not said yet whether go90 will become part of Oath.

Another quipped: "What'll be the metric for Oath's success as a company?" The new name was first reported by Business Insider.

Yahoo's most recent earnings report showed the company swung to profit in the final three months of previous year, after a massive $4.4 billion loss in the same period of 2015.