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With this premium TV bundle offer from Apple will stand as an upfront standalone product for its customers, which allow the users to have an access to some popular content that is available online. But that's not gonna happen-at least not anytime soon.

Apple has yet to nail down a deal with any of the networks, according to industry sources, while representatives from HBO, Stars, and Showtime declined to comment on the report.

According to latest reports, Apple is angling to sell content from for major entertainment networks; HBO, Showtime and Starz on Apple's iOS devices and its Apple TV set-top box. according to Recode. Instead, it charges $15 per month for HBO (owned by Time Warner), $11 a month for Showtime (owned by CBS), and $9 a month for Starz (owned by Lionsgate). However, since HBO, Showtime and Starz are all networks Apple distributes, bundling them together may prove less painful.

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Something's gotta give: Let's be frank. Adding in a premium channel bundle could be a big boost for Apple's streaming plans-assuming it comes together at all.

However Apple has also previouly said it is not looking to sell traditional TV bundles, which could be good news for its potential competitors. That could include this rumored premium bundle. She was fighting back against the company's decision to not pay artists during the three-month free trial it was offering subscribers when it launched the service. While it is easier to negotiate with a smaller number of providers, the entertainment firms are already embracing the internet-only television. The bundle is expected to come at a discounted price however, no details on pricing has emerged.