In fact, reports of what happened came from eyewitnesses, victims and medical staff.

It was the deadliest such incident since a sarin gas attack killed hundreds of people in a rebel-held suburb of Damascus in 2013, prompting threats of United States military action. They recounted the horrific aftermath of a gas attack, saying the town of Khan Sheikhoun was struck by regime warplanes.

Lavrov on Friday expressed skepticism about a preliminary investigation conducted by the U.N.'s chemical weapons watchdog. "It continues to possess and use chemical weapons".

She said a team of British scientists had examined material from the Khan Sheikhoun area and concluded it was "very clear" that sarin gas or a similar substance had been used. Severe restrictions were placed on the news agency: it was not allowed to film the interview itself; instead, the encounter was filmed by the Syrian presidency.

You can read the full interview here.

The British delegation tweet says that Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons Director-General Ahmet Uzumcu told Thursday's hastily convened meeting of its executive council that the "Fact Finding Mission is working to gather evidence" about the April 4 attack in Khan Sheikhoun that killed almost 90 people.

According to media reports Assad said in an interview, his first since the alleged April 4 attack prompted a United States air strike on Syrian forces, "Definitely, 100% for us, it's fabrication".

"Assad uses chemical weapons because they are not only frightful and indiscriminate. These three allies are going to pursue a path in Syria, which is anti-American and runs contrary to U.S. interests in the region", London-based expert on Middle East affairs, Danny Makki, told PressTV in an exclusive iednterview on Friday.

"Our impression is that the West, mainly the United States, is hand-in-glove with the terrorists", he said.

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He also claimed the story was made up with the U.S. attack on a Syrian airbase in mind. "They fabricated the whole story in order to have a pretext for the attack", he told Agence-France Presse.

The attacks left more than 80 dead, and Assad's allies in Russian Federation have blamed rebel forces for the assault, saying that the poisonous gas was dispersed after conventional weapons landed on an insurgent weapons depot.

"You have a lot of fake videos now, and you have the proof that those videos were fake, like the White Helmets, for example", he alleged.

"We don't know whether those dead children were killed in Khan Sheikhoun", the tyrant said. He was pictured cradling their dead bodies.

It says that samples already are being tested and the mission is expected to report its findings in three weeks.

"The only information the world have had till this moment is published by al Qaeda branch", he said.

But in a statement Thursday, the OPCW said its Director-General Ahmet Uzumcu told the meeting at the group's headquarters in The Hague that the preliminary assessment by OPCW experts investigating the alleged use of chemical weapons was "that this was a credible allegation".

Lavrov said Russia, Iran and Syria have demanded a "thorough, objective and unbiased investigation" under the auspices of the OPCW, insisting it must use "independent experts", including from Moscow.