Theresa May has described the chemical weapons incident in Syria as "despicable" and said if the Assad regime was found to be responsible, its backers such as Russian Federation should intervene. "Once we reach convincing answers we will give our answer", he said.

Peskov told The Associated Press in an interview that "unconditional support is not possible in this current world", but added that "it is not correct to say that Moscow can convince Mr. Assad to do whatever is wanted in Moscow".

"They're not saying the same thing", he said. Egeland spoke to reporters on Thursday after a meeting of the U.N.'s humanitarian "task force" for Syria.

Riyad Hijab, the head of the High Negotiations Committee that represents the Syrian opposition in the global political process, happened to be in Washington this week when the Syrian government perpetrated its latest chemical weapons attack, killing dozens of innocent men, women and children in Idlib province. Ayrault said that "France is still seeking to talk with its partners on the Security Council".

"These crimes must not remain unpunished".

It has also prompted an about-face from US President Donald Trump, who in 2013 urged then-president Barack Obama not to intervene against Assad after a major suspected chemical attack.

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A vote on the resolution was set to be held Thursday at the earliest, diplomats said, after Russian Federation vetoed the text slamming it as "categorically unacceptable". Trump's apparent condemnation of the Syrian government Tuesday came less than a week after Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and USA ambassador to the U.N. Nikki Haley indicated that Assad's fate would be left up to the Syrian people and that removing him from power was no longer a policy goal of the U.S. Britain's deputy ambassador Peter Wilson said "what we want is a unanimous resolution. and we want to see this done soon".

The president declined to say what the U.S. would do in response, but said his "attitude towards Syria and Assad has changed very much".

The effects of the attack overwhelmed hospitals around the town, leading paramedics to send patients to medical facilities across rebel-held areas in northern Syria, as well as to Turkey.

More than 80 people, including at least 30 children and 20 women, were killed in the chemical attack on the Syrian town of Khan Sheikhoun early Tuesday, and the toll could still rise. A statement later Thursday by Turkey's health ministry said the autopsy results pointed to an attack with the deadly nerve agent Sarin.

Yesterday, disturbing photos and videos (warning: they're graphic) started coming out of the town of Khan Sheikoun in rebel-held IdlibProvince: children in spasms, foaming at their mouths, gasping for breath, and lying motionless as parents cry over them and rescue teams attempt to wash chemical agents from their bodies.

The visuals from the scene were reminiscent of a 2013 nerve gas attack on the suburbs of Damascus that left hundreds dead.