Politico then reported on a high-level powwow Friday at the Southern White House at Mar-a-Lago, where Bannon and Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner held a "bury-the-hatchet" meeting after the president supposedly told them to work out their differences.

Bannon, former chief of the conservative news organization Breitbart News, has been at odds with Kushner and Gary Cohn, the head of the White House National Economic Council, an administration official and the four former advisers said.The former Trump advisers said Kushner, husband of Trump daughter Ivanka Trump, is trying to tug the president into a more mainstream position, while Bannon is trying to keep aflame the nationalist fervor that carried Trump to his unexpected election victory on November 8.Bannon is getting some of the blame for the administration's early stumbles because, one former adviser said, "The president demands results."In what was viewed as a sign of Bannon's declining influence, he was removed from his seat on the National Security Council this week".

White House sources told The Huffington Post that the president is considering replacing Priebus with Goldman Sachs President Gary Cohn, who now serves as Trump's top economic adviser.

Although the White House is rife with rumors of a staff shake-up, Trump's young administration is pushing back against reports of a pending West Wing overhaul fueled by squabbling among top aides.

Cohn's ascendance - his wealth, including a $285 million severance package from Goldman, has earned Trump's respect - has been a flashpoint for West Wing tensions. "He's not going anywhere."Republican strategist Charlie Black, who has known Trump for 30 years, said he did not think a shakeup was imminent and that Trump's White House reflects his traditional approach to running his business."He's always had a spokes-to-the-wheel management style", said Black".

In what was viewed as a sign of Mr Bannon's declining influence, he was removed from his seat on the National Security Council this week.

President Trump's son-in-law, Jared Kushner, flew into Iraq on Monday with the top US general to get a first-hand assessment of the battle against ISIS from USA commanders on the ground and Iraqi leaders.

Ted Poe Quits House Freedom Caucus Over Healthcare Plan Failure
US President Donald Trump looks at a smartphone as he departs the Trump National Golf Club in Potomac Falls, March 26, 2017 . Over the weekend, the president tweeted a promise of achieving a "great healthcare plan" because Obamacare will "explode".

Bannon's side blames Kushner and his allies for trying to moderate Trump and move him away from some of his populist campaign promises.

Chief of Staff Reince Priebus told the two to smooth out their differences, reports indicate. That scrutiny intensified with the collapse of the House GOP health care overhaul, a major embarrassment for Trump.

"He is staying", the senior aide said.

Trump still values Bannon and his advice, his confidantes say, and isn't opposed to dueling positions among his staff.

Trump's administration faced a major worldwide test this past week when the president ordered a missile strike on an air field controlled by forces loyal to Syrian President Bashar Assad after a chemical weapon attack against Syrians. Installing his choice to the Supreme Court was a success, but his travel ban remains tied up in the courts.

Trump's administration faced a major global test this week, when the president ordered a missile strike on an air field controlled by forces loyal to President Bashar Assad after his government used a chemical weapon against his own citizens.

News stories this past week exposed the civil war within Trump's inner circle, with anonymous sources describing factions led by Bannon and Kushner as being locked in perpetual battle.