Bhubaneswar: Churches in Bhubaneswar were crowded today morning, with Christians attending the Easter Sunday Mass. Christians also gathered last night to attend the vigil mass. Faithful thronged various churches on the eve of Easter to attend special prayer service, marking the culmination of the Holy Week. During the Easter season Jesus is highlighted more by churches than at any other time of year other than maybe Christmas.

The church held a family festival to celebrate Easter as a community.

"We must proclaim the resurrection of Christ in our daily lives, actions and conduct". The whole relationship with Christianity is that point.

"If we're serious about Jesus, we need to take his instructions seriously and use our feet as we move outside this church and let people know that Jesus is in fact real", he said. The Holy Sepulchre is located in east Jerusalem, occupied by Israel in 1967 and later annexed.

Pope Francis is celebrating Easter Sunday Mass on flower-bedecked steps outside St. Peter's Basilica. While Roman Catholics eventually adopted the astronomically accurate Gregorian calendar, the Orthodox Church calculated Easter according to the less-accurate Julian calendar. Originating from the German word "Oster" (New Life Renewal), Easter is the culmination of over two months of dedicated worship.

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"Our faith is alive, because it is based on the event of the resurrection of Christ", Bartholomew said.

"The great holiday of Easter has a special moral meaning, carries in itself the unquenchable light of faith, fills the hearts of people with joy, love, with aspiration for the good".

Another local resident, Twinkle Tom, went for a 3am mass at St Mary's Church in Oud Metha and then returned home. He also lamented the falling birth rate in Serbia as "a reason to cry and weep, but also an alarm".

Orthodoxy is also predominant in Bulgaria, Ukraine and Moldova.