Long said that when he approached the 69-year-old Kentucky doctor and ordered him off the plane, Dao refused and "folded his arms tightly".

The reports released Monday says Dr. David Dao fought back before he was bodily removed from the Louisville-bound plane. But, he responded, "I'm not leaving this flight that I paid money for". "This is a real, real problem and the mother told me point blank her concern was her child, who nearly got hit by the stroller". When Officer James Long tried to get Dao out of his seat, Dao "started swinging his arms up and down fast and violently". While they are removing him, officers said Dao is "able to knock an officers hand off his arm, causing the officer to lose control and Dao to fall and hit his mouth". Dao is planning to sue the airline. Disturbing videos taken by other passengers show him bleeding from the mouth as he was dragged off the plane. "Long", he wrote in the incident report. "I want to go home". The officers were later put on administrative leave. Initially the company's market value plummeted by $1 billion. Delta Air Lines has increased the amount that it offers passengers on overbooked flights.

Under current DOT rules, airlines must first ask for volunteers when there are not enough seats on a flight. United at first compounded the flap with an initial quasi-apology and a letter to employees that called Dao "disruptive and belligerent". The videos of a bloodied Dao went viral, fueling public outrage and setting off a public relations crisis for one of the nation's biggest carriers. He is originally from Vietnam. The airline has also changed some policies government when and how passengers can be removed from its aircraft. Off-duty airline crews are now required to check in at least an hour before a flight leaves. United refunded all the tickets to passengers on board Flight 3411. "This is a departing flight?" the dispatcher asked, to which the caller replied: "Yeah".

In the recently released report, published by the Tribune, aviation officers draw a not-dissimilar characterization. "If/when an airline representative calls your respective command for such assistance, the tour commander or commanding officer will inform the airline this is an internal, non-law enforcement related matter and the PAPD will not respond to this type of request".

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Munoz's early statements on the incident were widely criticized. He said United will provide answers no later than Thursday. Long was one of three aviation officers who were placed on leave after the incident.

A few lawmakers have indicated plans to introduce legislation in response to the incident.

The lawsuit will be filed in Cook County Circuit Court in Illinois, Demetrio said, indicating it would target both the airline and the city of Chicago. Once back at the gate, Dr. Dao then ran back on the plane and refused to move again.

Chicago police and aviation police accounts agree that Dao informed the officers that he was a physician who couldn't miss seeing patients the next day. His attorney said he suffered a concussion, lost two front teeth, and broke his nose.