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In her largely positive recap, Kathryn VanArendonk examines how the episode's "latching" theme worked in the broader context of the show, observing that "Girls" tended to revolve around the question of whether Hannah "can separate, can unfasten herself, from her parents, from boyfriends, and from former friends". Shosh is getting married, for Christ's sake. "The guy in the Shop Rite is more interested in my boobs", Hannah said of her newborn.

What did you think of the series finale? There were a few fantastic stand-out episodes that were character capsules ("Japan", "Panic in Central Park", and "Boys" being the best), but mostly the show was a visual representation of how confusing life in your mid-20s can feel ... especially for those who are privileged enough to afford an indulged, esoteric existence. "Latching" makes it tough to find that sweet spot in its first third, which is all Hannah and Marnie being very bad to each other despite the best intentions. It's fitting that the doctor who tells her she's pregnant is the same man we saw back in the second season episode "One Man's Trash", in which Hannah and Joshua, played by Patrick Wilson, spend the day playing house at his well-appointed brownstone.

Marnie masturbating with a British accent was a little much for me. That the job hadn't even begun by the series' end but had somehow afforded her a fully furnished house? After learning that the teen ran away because her mother told her to do her homework, Hannah has an epiphany. But it's clear Hannah needs the help, as does Marnie, who calls in Loreen (Becky Ann Baker). As Marnie bluntly points out, Elijah is nowhere to be seen.

Q: Speaking of, "Get Out" is your first movie role. She wants to help raise the new baby with Hannah (who knows a good deal when she hears of one).

Redemption: One of the most important lessons of your twenties is learning what you don't want, and as Marnie stumbled through relationships and career paths, she was able to realize what she didn't want out of life. Episodes were often akin to short films, even if they weren't intentional one-offs like this season's bruising "American Bitch" (where Hannah confronts a celebrated and possibly predatory older male writer) or season two's melancholy standout "One Man's Trash" (in which Hannah spends a weekend in a handsome brownstone with an equally handsome man and realizes with some disappointment that she just wants to be happy). And though I've got mixed feelings about how showrunners Lena Dunham and Jenni Konner handled the finale, I think, ultimately, their choice makes sense. The problem, however, was that the show had made that type of closure and full-circle storytelling part of its genetic makeup over the last few years. But really, Hannah the mother is just Hannah with a kid. Another Loreen quote, but she speaks so much truth!

Aunt Marnie wants to know if breastfeeding came up during the appointment (Grover's on a nursing strike) and disdains the babies in the waiting room, who look "formula fed"; still on the subject, she calls breast milk "liquid gold" on the drive home. She addressed any rumors that it was a statement of any kind. (Yes, Hannah took Paul-Louis' name suggestion, though that wasn't in Lena Dunham's original plans.) Grover's complications with breastfeeding weigh heavily on Hannah until she cracks under the pressure to connect with her child. "I can't do anything", she explains frantically to Marnie as the baby cries. Hannah then takes a trip down her new neighborhood.

While Hannah is off on her misadventure, Loreen and Marnie have some QT.

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Hannah gets home and picks up Grover, who's crying.

Hannah's parents told her they were going to cut her off financially. Marnie's breastfeeding information and insistence is annoying, pushy, hurtful, even. "I love you @lenadunham". Wandering the quiet streets, she comes across a distraught teenage girl wearing no shoes or trousers and peels off her own, offering them to what she assumes is the victim of some sort of domestic abuse.

She walks home, followed most of the way by a friendly, concerned cop. She has permission to lose it sometimes.

She returns to her house, still without trousers, and tries to nurse a crying Grover once more. The sound of Grover suckling runs over the end credits, along with bits of Hannah singing "Fast Car" to the kid.

The Girls series finale airs tonight, April 16 at 10PM on HBO. The season finale, entitled "Latching", stayed true to the show. It's like a complete thought with an ellipsis at the end.

There were two great scenes Sunday.