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One can share a Postcard of the exact view on Google Earth, on clicking the link, the recipients can jump to where the user is was virtually standing.

Regardless of how nifty these features are, you do need to know what you want to search on Google Earth.

Once a user embarks on a journey, the person can even send cards from the places they are at to family and friends.

The biggest new feature that's being added is called Voyager.

In addition to the features mentioned above, Google has also added a 3D button to the map that will let users view locations from any angle and an "I'm Feeling Lucky" button to the menu that will randomly drop them somewhere interesting. With this release, Google Earth is now positioned more strongly as the best option to explore sites around the world.

You no longer have to download the desktop app or use a browser plug-in to access Google Earth.

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Google has announced an update for Google Earth in the build-up to World Earth Day, with the new updates available on Chrome Browser as well as Android devices. Today, they are going to launch the revamped Google Earth in NY.

Perhaps one of the coolest new features is Google Earth Voyager. Google's focus with the update is on storytelling with the help of tours and habitats.

Google Earth launched more than a decade ago, giving people a space-eye view of earth, while developers got free 3D software.

You get a little Sesame Street video. There's also a new 3D button that will allow users to explore new places in 3D instead of the archaic flat satellite imagery.

Google Maps has rolled out a new update, version 4.30.0 for its iOS app. Once you're there, Google packs in useful information by pulling in sources like Wikipedia so you can learn a bit about the place you land. On click, it will take you to somewhere unexpected, like, for example, a hot spring in Japan, an opera house in Italy, or the Pemba Island off the Swahili coast. It will also be available on Apple's iOS in coming weeks.