Boswell, quoted in the press release, said he was inspired to create the new look based on his own experience as a one-time McDonald's employee.

"Mandatory gray-on-gray with a dash of black is pretty much universally recognized as the standard uniform for bleakest of futures", one writer says.

McDonald's claims that 70% of its staff declared the uniform "very modern" and said they were "proud to wear" these clothes. For a restaurant that is themed after a clown, this means that a variety of ugly and brightly colored uniforms have been worn by the employees at the Golden Arches. Some took to social media to voice their displeasure of the uniforms, as some said McDonald's was ushering in "modern dystopia" while others compared the uniforms a Star Wars costume.

One of the two new uniform "collections" was designed by American designer Waraire Boswell, who has dressed celebrities including Ryan Gosling, Sean Combs, Bruno Mars and National Basketball Association stars Kobe Bryant and LeBron James, according to Refinery 29.

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McDonald's is letting each location pick which uniforms to wear.

They look plucked from a galaxy far, far, away, but McDonald's new employee uniforms are real, from this galaxy, and have a lot of people talking.

Today, McDonald's franchisees have a relative amount of leeway in selecting uniforms for their employees - a current catalog from a uniform supplier for the chain includes dozens of options, including various polos, T-shirts, aprons and accessories such as ties, hats and outerwear. He says he wanted to create a uniform that employees wouldn't mind wearing outside of work. "I find your lack of fries disturbing", one Twitter user wrote.

A few of them have even noted that when it comes to the fast-food industry, style is extremely relative.