"There's been a lot of drama in my house".

He stands before the two, reality show host-style, holding what appears to be a photo in his hands.

Later, Baldwin's Trump tells Bannon, always played by the Grim Reaper to "join Kellyanne Conway in the basement", but reassures him, don't worry, "you get to come back at the end of all this and help send me to prison".

"When you go through and scrub everyone's name out that you don't want everyone to know, that really is not an honest attempt at doing that", Spicer said.

The rest of the sketch hits Trump, Vice President Pence, and Chief White House Strategist Steve Bannon hard.

Saturday night's episode of "SNL" marked the first time in the show's 42-year history that it is airing live in all time zones. Fallon opened by leading a massive lip-synch flash mob to David Bowie's "Let's Dance".

To make matters worse, Spicers comment came on Passover.

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McCarthy's Spicer apologized for calling concentration camps "Holocaust centers".

The comments were so preposterous that Spicer did something we rarely see Trump officials do: He publicly apologized - a few times. You have encouraged us in our mission - to provide quality news and watchdog journalism. (Or "whatever communal drink container people gather around on Easter Sunday" talk, as the case may be.) And any time four-time host and resident Sean Spicer Melissa McCarthy drops by to yell at everyone and lie like no one's watching, it's worth a second look.

"SNL" then went after Spicer's biggest weakness: his verbal gaffes.

"Yeah, I know they're not really called "Holocaust centers" - Duh, I know that", McCarthy's Spicer said. I clearly meant to say concentration clubs, okay?

Bush's presidency, Spicer entertained children in the bunny suit at the annual White House Easter Egg Roll.

Jimmy Kimmel had already taken a swipe at Spicer, but with all due respect to Kimmel, this sketch is a step up, with McCarthy nailing Spicer's unfortunate tendency to shoot stuff straight out of his mouth without thinking of the consequences.

The sketch, which could very well became an Easter holiday classic for "SNL", ended with McCarthy announcing Trump is "probably going to bomb North Korea tonight".