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- The platform also promises to roll back an increase in auto insurance rates and a freeze or reduce fares on BC Ferries, while reversing a Liberal tax cut for high-income earners and hiking the corporate tax rate.

The B.C. Liberals previously unveiled their 2017 election platform and now the B.C. New Democratic Party has done the same.

Horgan also took on Premier Christy Clark's recent promise that the Liberals would cap bridge tolls at $500 per year.

A homeowner grant provides a $570 break in property tax to people who own homes worth less than $1.6 million. Horgan asked about the Port Mann and Golden Ears bridges.

Once the money from the prosperity fund is used, they say they will have created a new transportation plan for the entire region in consultation with Metro Vancouver mayors. He says the plan would move towards livable incomes for all by increasing disability payments and income assistance, introducing a basic youth income and more.

BC Liberal Finance Minister Mike de Jong said the NDP plan would cause a return to operating deficits or force an additional income tax increase, and would likely lead to a credit rating downgrade for B.C. He estimated that just the previously announced NDP promises would total more than $2.5 billion annually, and the whole package would ultimately cost $4 billion more a year.

"We wanted to make the program universal as we announced it so all renters would have confidence they would get factored in", Horgan said.

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Lower taxes attract talent, according to Clark, and her government has put away $1-billion to create new housing for those prospective workers.

The platform says the subsidized child care plan would be brought in over the next 10 years.

"It's the platform of a party that has had experience in government and wants the opportunity to do it again and is not going to oversell and is not going to make ridiculous goals that can not be kept", he said.

"For the people who are drawn to the chant 'We're number eight, ' Mr. Horgan has presented a blueprint for getting there", he said.

Taking questions at Government House, Clark said her party's platform is the only one that is costed and won't require tax increases.

"We are playing politics (that) could be significantly damaging to our transportation system based on these very populist-type proposals", he said.