The Kyoto, Japan-based company reported the numbers in its earnings report for the fiscal year ended March 2017.

By and large, Nintendo announced gain of 489 billion yen and an operating benefit of 29.4 billion yen for its 2016 fiscal year. In all, Nintendo sold 55.08 million 3DS games during the fiscal year. Nintendo is going to make it a reality for all the switch users to update via the local users.

In terms of software, the 3DS also succeeded (a 14% increase in sales) while the Wii U faltered (a 46% decrease). The company said the 3DS handheld console, which was released in 2011, saw a 7 percent year-on-year rise in sales. That's strong for game that has been out for a month. I'd guess the game hasn't sold as well as Nintendo had hoped, presumably because it hasn't figured out how to sell past a demographic that doesn't seem to entirely understand it (traditional gamers) to the broader coveted "blue ocean" demographic not inclined at this point to impulse-buy it. The Nintendo Switch, meanwhile, has sold 2.74 million units already, which Nintendo states is "a promising start". Splatoon 2 exemplifies the concept of Nintendo Switch, enabling consumers to play anywhere, anytime, and with anyone, and will bring competition between consumers to new levels of excitement. Either way, it points to a promising start for the Switch, with Nintendo stating that Zelda has "won vast popularity".

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Democrat Kirsten Gillibrand of New York State was the only member of the Senate Agriculture Committee to vote against him. Senate Democrats largely backed Perdue, even while criticizing President Trump for proposing a big cut to USDA's budget.

One enterprising fan game offers a solution, however short-lived. Both of these games were released at the same time as the hardware. In order to hit that FY 2018 goal of 10 million units sold, Nintendo will need to keep interest in the Switch high over the summer.

It's also worth noting that constrained supplies have pushed some retailers to offer mostly bundled sets which include a console as well as games and other items you may or may not want. PS4 and Xbox One can use apps including all the major streaming services, and while Nintendo plans that for its console, at the moment, the Switch is strictly a game console. It's a move that has been paying off big for them in the sales department, and may just eclipse the sales of their last console by this time next year. However, Pokemon Go (along with Fire Emblem Heroes and Super Mario Run) contributed to a growing mobile business for Nintendo that will probably grow in the coming years. With this, Nintendo has pledged to try to "maintain the momentum of the platform and to reach a broader audience".

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