Pence, on his first official visit to Asia as vice president, will visit South Korea, Japan, Indonesia and Australia before stopping in Hawaii on the return leg of his 10-day trip.

Tensions have been on the rise along the Korean Peninsula in recent weeks over concerns about North Korean aggression.

Satellite images taken Wednesday from North Korea show increased activity at the nations nuclear test site, according to to USA -based monitoring group, 38 North.

A day before a USA summit between Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping last week, North Korea conducted a missile test, further provoking Washington and South Korea.

"We are in close contact with the US and South Korea and in addition to urging (North Korea) to refrain from provocative actions and observe relevant UN Security Council resolutions, we will take all necessary steps to protect our people's lives and assets", Mr Suga said. "So that's why. It's not the DPRK but the US and Trump that makes trouble".

Pence will "reaffirm" the United States' commitment to the "ironclad" U.S.

Tillerson: U.S.-Russia relations 'at a low point'
Lavrov, however, pointed to the downside of removing a foreign leader. "We know the ending of it way too well". WATCH: Can Russia abandon Assad? "We both believe in a unified and stable Syria ", Tillerson said.

A senior White House foreign policy adviser said on Thursday that Pence will address North Korea's latest provocations with South Korean officials on Monday.

It was unclear exactly when the conversation took place on Sunday, but Xinhua's report of the call came out after a failed missile launch by North Korea.

USA officials say the Trump administration's emphasis will be on increasing pressure on Pyongyang with the help of China. "The problem will be taken care of".

Pyongyang recently threatened to conduct its sixth nuclear test in a decade, rising tensions-and the odds of a military confrontation-to the highest levels in recent years. "I have great confidence that China will properly deal with North Korea".

He has repeatedly said that if China, North Korea's dominant trading partner, isn't willing to do more to squeeze the North, the US might take the matter into its own hands.

Washington and Seoul will try hard to figure out what exactly North Korea fired.