"We won't back down from protecting New Yorkers from terror - or from an overzealous administration fixated on xenophobia and needless division".

"As we continue to ensure that monies that go for law enforcement only go to cities who are participating in an effective, collegial, cooperative way with the federal government, that that would also send a message".

Mayor Bill de Blasio visits an Astoria senior center pushing his proposed Mansion Tax which was overshadowed by the Trump administration's threats towards sanctuary cities.

In January, Schneiderman issued legal guidance for "sanctuary" jurisdictions, providing them with the legal tools to protect their immigrant communities.

That famously liberal city is also where an illegal immigrant, previously deported five times, shot and killed Kate Steinle (pictured above) in 2015 as she visited a pier with her family.

Holmes said the city has filed amicus briefs to support similar lawsuits, including one in Santa Clara Countythat alleges Trump's executive order on immigration is unconstitutional. On Monday, U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions issued a fresh warning to sanctuary cities at the White House, echoing the policy sketched out in the executive order.

"This week, U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions told American cities they are breaking the law in making their communities unsafe", said Murray.

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On Jan. 25, Trump signed an executive order that would strip so-called "sanctuary cities" of certain federal grants as punishment for protecting undocumented immigrants. How can any city expect to receive federal money when it declares that it will actively oppose federal law enforcement and behaves accordingly? The federal government can not compel our police department to enforce federal immigration law and can not use our federal dollars to coerce Seattle into turning our backs on our immigrant and refugee communities.

There is no standard definition of a "sanctuary" jurisdiction and even self-identified sanctuary cities like Seattle can not stop the feds from arresting immigrants.

City officials believe there could be more than $10 million at stake that Seattle could lose if the feds pull its assistance. The federal government also can't punish local governments with the threat of pulling federal funding unless it's relevant to the program, which is what the administration is doing, argues Holmes.

A detainer is a request by Immigration and Customs Enforcement to a law enforcement agency to keep a suspected deportable immigrant in its custody long enough for immigration authorities to arrest the person.

"Inconsistent and incorrect statements from the Trump Administration have created too much fear and uncertainty".

Somerville was recently listed on a Department of Homeland Security report citing jurisdictions with policies that limit cooperation with ICE.