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Vermont's congressional delegation is speaking in unison against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad while demanding that President Donald Trump explain how airstrikes he ordered in the Middle Eastern country Thursday evening will help USA foreign policy. Bernie Sanders is scheduled to appear in Cleveland on May 1 at the Global Center for Health Innovation.

Responding to news of US military strikes against government forces in Syria, Vermont's Congressional delegation expressed the need for caution and Congressional involvement.

Lawmakers on both sides of the aisle have since called on Trump to seek congressional approval before future military action.

In a letter to Congress, Mr Trump said the U.S. would "take additional action, as necessary and appropriate".

"The President is now required to give Congress notification under the War Powers Act", Leahy said in the statement.

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US President Donald Trump looks at a smartphone as he departs the Trump National Golf Club in Potomac Falls, March 26, 2017 . Over the weekend, the president tweeted a promise of achieving a "great healthcare plan" because Obamacare will "explode".

Democratic Sen. Patrick Leahy agreed that al-Assad is "a war criminal and must be held accountable".

"As the Constitution requires, the president must come to Congress to authorize any further use of force" against the country, he added.

"It is in this vital national security interest of the United States to prevent and deter the spread and use of deadly chemical weapons", the President said from his Mar-a-Lago estate. US officials say the airstrip was used to launch the chemical attack. Welch said he would have to see a concrete plan from Trump before coming to any definitive conclusion.

"We are a nation where you're not supposed to initiate military action, start war, without a plan that's presented to and approved by Congress", he said.

Leahy, a Democrat, said Friday that USA military force should be used in self-defense or as part of a larger strategy in conjunction with worldwide partners, and with the broad support of the American people.