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The game was a huge hit on Wii U, with over eight million of the console's 13 million owners picking up the 2014 edition of Nintendo's long-running mascot racer. The Battle Mode has also been overhauled to make the action easier to follow and more enjoyable. And with the April 28 release of Mario Kart 8 for the Nintendo Switch looming, Target has turned into a love letter for all things Kart. To win in this mode, the best way is to be as aggressive as possible.

"If you're still trying to get your hands on Nintendo Switch, keep checking your local Target store", the website states. Jonathan noted that Mario Kart 8 doesn't reinvent any wheel, but it, like almost every Mario Kart that came before it, was a wonderful multiplayer kart racer that would be enjoyed by fans for years to come.

Brick and mortar stores remain the best options for most fans, however, tracking down a unit can still take time. Driving through familiar puddles of paint in Urchin Underpass, for example, was a delightful callback to another Nintendo title many fans may have already experienced.

"This is the game you need to be taking with you to show people what the Switch can do."
Critics have praised the game for its online multiplayer functionality, the return of battle mode, new characters, new items, and everything else it brings to the table.


And then there's the revamped battle mode, which is much improved over Mario Kart 8's. "It was a prototype for a multiplayer version of F-Zero that ended up being the starting point for Super Mario Kart, and from there we went through a period of trial and error to find what worked". And, finally, the gift of portability and freedom to play Mario Kart 8 Deluxe anywhere. Like with your announcement about turning your shopping carts into Mario Karts. Unlike the vanilla release of Mario Kart 8; all difficulties, characters, and cups are unlocked from the start in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.

With gamers enjoying their new favourite Nintendo Switch gaming console, there are reports that the gaming mogul is planning to launch a mini Switch.

Retailers listing games for the wrong platforms, especially exclusives, is not anything new- it happens all the time, and it is something we have often reported on before.

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