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Multiple reports in recent days have portrayed a White House plagued by infighting between Bannon and senior adviser Jared Kushner, who is Trump's son-in-law and a top adviser.

The President had the opportunity to give Bannon his full vote of confidence in an interview on Tuesday with the New York Post, but he did not do so.

"I had already beaten all the senators and all the governors, and I didn't know Steve", he continued, referring to his myriad of primary opponents a year ago. "I'm my own strategist". Trump's new national security adviser, Army Lt. Gen. Henry McMaster, ousted Bannon from the NSC; Trump speaks regularly with Defense Secretary James Mattis; and Rex Tillerson is resurgent, meeting with his counterpart in Russian Federation on Wednesday.

Bannon, more than any other White House aide, speaks the language of Trump's populist base.

Ostensibly referring to last weekend's Kushner-Bannon powwow, which Fox News reported was organized to mend fences between the key aides, Trump said: "Steve is a good guy, but I told them to straighten it out or I will".

The message? The reason I won is because of me, not Steve Bannon.

In Trump's seminal foreign policy speech back in April 2016, he said, "We went from mistakes in Iraq to Egypt to Libya, to President Obama's line in the sand in Syria..." Plus, it sounds like Trump is indirectly refuting all the "President Bannon" charges from his first few months in office.

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Bannon's waning influence, surrounding the disagreement he voiced over the missile strike on Syria, is buzzing in the media. Democrats waged a campaign to brand him as "President Bannon".

To be sure, this president's operation does not appear to function as a normal White House operation, and perhaps the traditional rules no longer apply.

In 2015, Bannon told a friend that he was already Trump's "campaign manager," which may have been a joke about how much favorable coverage Trump was getting from Breitbart or may have been a more serious comment about some behind-the-scenes advisory role Bannon had in Trump's political operation. One major mistake Lewandowski believes Bannon and others make is losing sight that there is only one star in the Trump administration and that is President Trump.

In the same interview, Trump told Goodwin that, despite last week's airstrike, USA policy toward Syria has not changed.

Meanwhile, Kushner's familial advantage - he is married to Trump's daughter Ivanka - has been boosted by high-profile portfolios from reaching Middle East peace to reforming the federal government. He flew back on Air Force One with the President, along with Stephen Miller, his top protégé in the West Wing.

Perhaps Bannon will play along, as Breitbart News staffers have recently been asked by senior editors to quit writing negative stories about Kushner, sources told Business Insider.