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The teachers knew about my two moms and let me make two cards instead of one every year.

It's amusing. Mother's Day ranks third on the list of high attendance Sundays in most churches, falling behind only Easter and Christmas.

No entry in the kitchen on Mother's Day Not making your moms cook for the family is rule number 1 on Mother's Day.

For many blended and untraditional families, the mom who needs recognition this Mother's Day is the stepmom, foster/adoptive mom, family friend, aunt or other caring female figure. They are still moms to me and always will be.

There is an old Jewish proverb that says: "God could not be everywhere, and therefore He made mothers". It's scary to think how fast time goes past, or as my dad would say, "it goes by in the blink of an eye". I will remember how much she loved me.

Eddis added, "It just means reflecting on my mother, what she taught me, and how I need to raise my children". Many moms are very maternal, and are magnets to be surrogate mothers for those who either no longer have moms or who have moms that can't or won't fill the need. Mom and I both will occasionally be stuck for solutions and find ourselves asking "How would Gran have handled it?" We do some things, but they're generally self-serving. We are a special group that only grows over time. Somebody said if you're a "good" mother, your child will "turn out good"...

Heroin epidemic pushing up hepatitis C infections in US
It really requires a comprehensive public health approach. "They've been screened and found to be Hep C positive", Vemuri said. Experts warn the surge in infections mirrors the rising number of people injecting drugs amid the nationwide opioid epidemic .

Mothers, and the lessons they pass along to us, play roles in our lives every day. So, what exactly can you gift her that will make her feel more loved?

If you've had a child die, you're still a mom, whether or not you have any other children.

As many moms and daughters do, we shared clothes and makeup and shoes.

I am no exception; my Mother sacrificed everything to ensure that her children were afforded opportunities she didn't have.

As we helped the children make Mother's Day gifts this past week, I thought about Mother's Day in the past. "But the craziest, grimmest people this Sunday will be the mothers themselves, stuck herding their own mothers and weeping children and husbands' mothers into seats at restaurants". You can not forget to give the mother in your life a mother's day card.

Classic mom, Mr. Mom, single mom, stay-at-home mom, work-all-day-and-still-does-the-laundry mom, foster mom, adoptive mom, birth and biological mom, mother figures, flawless and not-perfect mom.

"I would get us together as a planet, really thinking about the future of our kids", she said.