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Now Google wants you to spend more time online, only with a VR headset. They will have a positional tracking system called WorldSense, which uses a "handful" of sensors to offer six degrees-of-freedom; this means users can move freely instead of looking around from a fixed point.

The standalone HTC Vive and Lenovo's VR headset will both be launching later this year, featuring Google's Daydream software platform. Samsung's decision to make its technology compatible with Google's is noteworthy considering Samsung sells a competing mobile VR headset, the Gear VR, which requires Samsung smartphones to operate.

Google has announced during Google I/O that it will be supporting standalone VR headsets for the Daydream platform which will not require a PC or phone in order to use.

Yes, folks. While you're in your VR universe, you'll be able to search web pages, visit your bookmarks, and even view WebVR content via actual Google Chrome.

"The whole device is designed just for VR", Clay Bavor, Google's head of VR, was quoted by the FT as saying.

North Korea Might Behind The Unprecedented Cyber-Attacks In The World
FireEye Inc, another cyber security firm, said it was also investigating, but was cautious about drawing a link to North Korea. In 2016, the North Korean government stole no less than $81 million from Bangladesh' Central Bank.

Facebook-owned Oculus have recognized the competition coming from Google's Daydream design and are themselves working on a standalone headset called Santa Cruz, a prototype that was briefed last fall.

That could fix some of the biggest problems with today's VR experience.

Google wanted to exceed consumer expectations with their new-gen headset by creating something that would provide users with a superior experience. The announcement did not reveal many details except for the model name, "Vive Standalone", and the descriptions - "simplistic, lightweight and portable".

The company also will expand its Daydream headset, which was announced past year alongside the Pixel smartphone.

WordSense is based on Google's Tango technology, which allows devices to track motion, understand distances, and establish their position in the real world.