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"When I see photos from that day", he said in reference to paparazzi shots from their second date, "I think: Relationships are hard, at any age". But he stuck with it and elaborated, sort of: "I mean, it's about sometimes things change and you can be doing all the same things".

Taylor was also rumored to have written about her ex on her 1989 album with the song Style.

Harry Styles cringed as he was put on the spot and teased about his song that has been linked to his relationship with former partner Taylor Swift.

"Same eyes, blue" which many took to refer to Swift's song "Style" - long rumoured to be about the former One Direction singer. And I love that with writing, you get to wrap it up with a song.

The lyrics continued: 'Sounds like something that I used to feel/But I can't touch what I see/We're not who we used to be/We're not who we used to be/We're just two ghosts standing in'.

Homes evacuated, military deployed after flooding in Canada
He says the Wynne government asked for "additional flood mitigation resources" to help in its battle against the flooding. More than 130 communities in Quebec have been hit by the flooding, with some 700 people forced to abandon their homes.

The "Sweet Creature" hitmaker - who released his debut self-titled solo album today (12.05.17) - said he has no nerves about heading out on his world tour later this year, because he has made a record that he actually "likes". "Two Ghosts" gorgeously captures a post-breakup melancholia, but the closing tune "From the Dining Table" is where he goes into full ex-girlfriend-related mope, particularly with the gnawingly very bad line: "Even my phone misses your call".

It turns out that Corden already knew some of the One Direction stars from before they became famous. The number-one thing was I wanted to be honest.

Harry's album is now out worldwide, but will it have the same number one success as his debut single "Sign of the Times"?

"My favourite part about playing with this band is that I never really felt repressed, I never felt like I was faking it", he shared about playing with his own band. "It's one of the first ones I wrote for the album, when I was getting out a lot of energy". He answered that he writes songs from his experiences and he is lucky if it's real that everything they have gone through inspired her to write songs.