Returning to NY for the first time as president, Mr Trump will speak aboard the USS Intrepid, now a museum on the Hudson River, to mark the 75th anniversary of the Battle of the Coral Sea, which saw the United States and Australia join forces in a victory over the Japanese.

Friends close to Trump and former campaign advisers tell CNN the homecoming could be clarifying for the president, a one-time NY standard whose name is plastered around Manhattan - usually in gold.

NY has born the biggest financial burden, with the city's police department spending $300,000 a day protecting Trump Tower between Election Day and his inauguration on January 20, and $127,000 to $145,000 per day since then.

His policies to restrict immigration, the administration's rollback of federal protections for transgender students and its assault on Obamacare are all widely unwelcome in America's most populous, and one of its most liberal, cities.

"Thousands of people are ready to protest Donald Trump", said Steven Choi, executive director of the New York Immigration Coalition which is co-organizing one of the large-scale protests.

But Trump's homecoming is expected to be less than welcoming. After dinner with Turnbull, Trump leaves for a weekend visit to his golf club in Bedminster, New Jersey.

The NYPD said there would be street closures around the Intrepid and Trump Tower, but did not go into specific detail about which streets exactly. "In the last 100 days, he's threatened to deport our neighbors, take away our healthcare, reject refugees from our shores and give even more tax breaks to billionaires".

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Trump will return to NY on the afternoon of 4 May for the first time as commander-in-chief, and locals are expecting chaos.

The NYPD's chief of patrol, Terence Monahan, and chief of Manhattan South, William Morris, will oversee the operation, expected to include about 1,000 officers: some with assault files, others controlling traffic, monitoring protesters, patrolling on bicycles and being part of the presidential motorcades.

"On the president's first trip back to New York City, the world will see us rise up and oppose him again".

Instead he has spent weekends at his estate in Florida.

"Donald thinks he owns NY, he loves the place so much", Chris Ruddy, chief executive officer of Newsmax and a long-time friend of Trump's, said in an interview. "It has not ended", de Blasio said at a town hall on Monday. He acknowledged to Fox News in April that was because it was "very expensive for the country" and inconvenient for New Yorkers because the New York Police Department and Secret Service have to largely close the streets around Trump Tower.

But Mayor Bill de Blasio this week welcomed $61 million of funding set aside in the federal budget for NY and law enforcement in other localities to protect Trump and his family.

Steven Roth, co-chairman of Mr Trump's infrastructure task force, recently said the United States administration was looking "very carefully" at how Australia is financing its building programme through "infrastructure recycling".