Baldwin's Trump brazenly admitted to firing FBI director James Comey because of the investigation into Trump's ties to Russian Federation. McCarthy was seen on Friday hitting streets of NY right outside the CNN offices in what appears to be a taping for Saturday's episode. The scene ends with McCarthy's Spicer yelling, "I had a good run!"

(It's like you can't even film a bit in busy NY traffic anymore.) But it was still a customary, crowd-pleasing hoot to see McCarthy's accurately belligerent, truth-twisting Spicer emerging from his hiding place in the White House hedges to unseat seemingly inevitable replacement spokesperson Sarah Huckabee Sanders (Aidy Bryant).

The reporters question Spicer's true knowledge of the situation, and say that Trump makes Spicer embarrass himself.

McCarthy's Spicer soon took over the briefing, and when the NY Times' Glenn Thrush (Bobby Moynihan) asked him whether Trump was "unhinged", McCarthy spat out, "Oh my God, Glenn, do I come to your job and slap the seven or eight hot dogs out of your mouth?"

The hysterical actress brought her A-game as the May 13th host, so much so that Sean Spicer might want to consider hiding out in the White House bushes again.

Regardless of Spicer's position, the idea of the press secretary standing either in or among some bushes took off, with social media reports of people placing cutouts of Spicer on their hedges.

"Trump is innocent", she insisted. Though we all know where he really is. "Period. And then he hired lawyers to agree with him".

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The idea that nothing this White House can be believed because Trump's own staff don't know if they are being lied to has reached the pop culture status.

Alright, let me just put this whole Russian thing to bed once and for all. "He's trying to blend in with his surroundings". Finally, Steve Bannon is portrayed on a matryoshka doll Slimer from Ghostbusters and Attorney Jeff Sessions is Pikachu.

Another reporter chimes in, "I'd also like to ask that question".

Though, chances are, SNL was going to center on the the fan-favorite character whether or not the real Spicer returned to the podium this week. "He wouldn't do that, he's my friend!"

"Oh, my god, Glen", Spicer replied.

"Shut up Glenn", were Spicer's words to The Times reporter, followed by some gibberish and a middle school insult: "You stink, Glenn".

Failing to find Trump in New York City, Spicer finds solace in a suspicious chunk of gum on the sidewalk before turning to a sage doorman outside Trump Tower. "I should fire him", Baldwin's Trump says. I thought about including the Amazon Echo Silver in place of this one, as pound-for-pound it probably had better jokes. The faux president then told his faux press secretary to kiss him. When Spicer finally finds Alec Baldwin as Trump - not in NY but at a golf course in New Jersey - it ends with a massive makeout session between the two. Her Spicer goes onto defend President Donald Trump's tweets, tells a New York Times reporter that he stinks repeatedly, and deny the "Russia thing".