Blizzard Entertainment has begun teasing the next major map for Overwatch. My suspicion is that we'll be getting a new Horizon Lunar Colony map soon.

A new Overwatch blog as well as an accompanying set of images shed light on Horizon Lunar Colony, a program in the game's lore that suddenly went offline.

In the official Overwatch blog, Blizzard revealed details about something known as the Horizon Lunar Colony. Where's Hammond? You'll notice his name mentioned in the messages above. The emails seem to suggest that another, smaller specimen (possibly a smaller breed of monkey), named Hammond has been missing for a week and something has been living in the ventilation shafts.

Trout sidelined indefinitely due to torn thumb ligament
A year after hitting.315 with a.441 on-base percentage, 29 home runs, 100 RBI and 30 steals, Trout was off to a dynamic start. Trout's injury is a bummer for sure, and it very well may send the Angels tumbling down the American League West standings.

However, there is also the possibility that the post means that a new hero is coming to Overwatch. You can check out the correspondence for yourselves below, which make mention of playable character Winston's mentor, as well as a critical emergency that occurred on the facility.

As the lore dictates, the Horizon Lunar Colony was established on the moon by Lucheng Interstellar for the sole goal of space exploration. That experiment had a gruesome end: The gorillas revolted and killed the colony's scientists, and took over the station.

With the game's customizable settings in custom lobbies, you can personalize everything from the ability cooldowns to the health pool of each individual hero. Blizzard launched Overwatch's Anniversary event, which included three new arena maps and 11 legendary character skins, in May.