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According to the listing, they're looking for someone with "cattitude" who has "gentle hands capable of stroking cats for long periods of time".

Prospective Cat Cuddlers must come equipped with a healthy amount of "cattidude", which is like attitude, but for people who are obsessed with cats. Do you feed the stray cats in your.

The Just Cats veterinary clinic in Dublin shared a job posting on its website with the headline, "Cat Cuddler Needed!"

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With all the attention the job is getting (not to mention how awesome it sounds), it's sure to be ultra-competitive. "Does petting cats make you feel warm and fuzzy?" the job description teases.

The job post detailed that they want a cat calming expert to join their 'feline friendly staff'.

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He said, "it's true, yeah it's true", while smiling like it was the greatest news ever. "It is definitely happening", he continued.

Imagine a world where you could spend your days cuddling adorable fluffy kittens.

The clinic said candidates should have plenty of "cattitude" and ideally be "a insane cat person".

But here's the catch, you'd have to have qualifications recognised by the Veterinary Council of Ireland.

The clinic hopes that care focused on the comfort of the animals will encourage cat owners to bring their pets to the vet more often.

Would you like to spend all day petting cats - and being paid for it?