Before the retraction, Hannity had promised to feature an account on his program from Kim Dotcom, an internet entrepreneur who is wanted in the United States on racketeering charges.

Still, conservative news outlets and commentators continue, day after painful day, to peddle discredited conspiracy theories that Seth was killed after having provided WikiLeaks with emails from the DNC. In the past few days, Hannity has put that volatility on full display with wild and reckless conspiracies and by antagonizing his employer Fox News. Doesn't he get it? One company announced Wednesday that it would no longer advertise there.

"To all my friends".

Soros has contributed money to the organization and Clinton acted as an adviser early on when the group formed in 2004 by David Brock, a Democratic operative. Last month Fox News' biggest star, Bill O'Reilly, was forced out after more than 50 advertisers dropped his top rated show following the disclosure of a series of sexual harassment allegations against him. The DNC staffer was murdered in Washington D.C. last summer. The next day, Fox News published an article on the subject that repeated Wheeler's claims. Hannity jumped on the report and publicized it on his site.

Quoting Rod Wheeler, a private investigator who was supposedly looking into the case on behalf of the Rich family, the story claimed that Rich leaked emails and other documents from DNC staffers and Hillary Clinton to WikiLeaks.

Some Fox News employees this week said they had been angered by Hannity's ongoing broadcasts about the Rich theory, calling it an embarrassment to the network's journalists.

New Zealand internet entrepreneur Kim Dotcom recently caused a wave of media reaction when he claimed that Seth Rich, was indeed the leaker, and that the two had been in touch before regarding the formation of an American branch of the "Internet Party".

Tories claim they could win 15 seats in Scotland at general election
Meanwhile, Nuttall said his party was "caught in a Tory tidal wave" after losing all its 145 councillors in the local elections. He said: "Congratulations to all of @SNP councillors elected in Moray, the largest group on @The MorayCouncil #Council17".

Fox News retracted a story from its website Tuesday afternoon, after a week of conspiracy theory peddling from one of its most popular television hosts, Sean Hannity.

On May 16, a story was posted on the Fox News website on the investigation into the 2016 murder of DNC Staffer Seth Rich. "Upon appropriate review, the article was found not to meet those standards and has since been removed", Fox said in a statement.

SEAN HANNITY: I am not or Both Sean Hannity and his enemies are likely well aware of that and will do all they can to bend reality in their favor. But yesterday he changed course. "People who simply want the execution are unhappy because of the passage of time", said Robert Dunham, the executive director of the Death Penalty Information Center.

Hannity's revival of this story coincided with increased attention on President Trump's alleged collusion with Russian Federation during the presidential campaign. It is beginning to look as though Seth Rich was "Vince-Fostered" - albeit with the element of a fake robbery instead of a fake suicide. "These are questions that I have a moral obligation to ask, and I will do the mainstream media's job like I have most of my career".

Another tweet referenced conservative hosts from the past who have dealt with boycotts orchestrated by Media Matters.

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Hannity's job on Fox News appears secure for the moment.