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It aims to eradicate the Johnson Amendment, which is a piece of legislation that bans tax-exempt religious organisations from directly or indirectly participating, or intervening in a political campaign.

The third section gives "religious liberty guidance" to all agencies, notifying them about the conscience protections provided under federal law, according to World. It promises to "vigorously promote religious liberty", as well as direct the Internal Revenue Service "to exercise maximum enforcement discretion to alleviate the burden of the Johnson Amendment, which prohibits religious leaders from speaking about politics and candidates on the pulpit".

Trump said on Thursday that the federal government has "used the power of the state as a weapon against people of faith".

President Trump's prior assertion that he wished to "totally destroy" the Johnson Amendment with this order has proven to be a textbook case of 'fake news'.

"Among many faults, the EO requires the IRS to selectively and preferentially discontinue enforcement of the electioneering restrictions of the tax code against churches and religious organizations, while applying a more vigorous enforcement standard to secular nonprofits", the complaint states.

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A spokesperson for the Interfaith Alliance of Iowa told KCCI, "President Trump's executive order is unsafe and ill-advised for the government's interest and for houses of worship". That legislation was spurred by job discrimination against Native Americans over the consumption of peyote in religious ceremonies. That version contained provisions created to protect religious organizations and individuals who speak out against same-sex marriage, transgender identity and premarital sex.

The truth is that even if Trump never signs a pointedly anti-LGBT executive order into law, LGBTQ people are already being harmed by his xenophobic, Islamophobic and racist administration, because LGBTQ people belong to all of those groups targeted by them.

The Little Sisters of the Poor, the order of Catholic nuns that has operated a nursing home in Baltimore since 1869, is celebrating an executive order President Donald Trump signed Thursday promising to offer "regulatory relief" to groups with religious objections to the contraceptive mandate in the Affordable Care Act. While some applaud the executive order as a move toward protecting religious liberty, more than 1,000 clergy leaders signed a statement arguing that it opens the door to discrimination.

The Indiana law was billed by supporters as a safeguard against businesses being forced to provide services they find objectionable on religious grounds.

Warbelow said it's unclear how the religious liberty order will be implemented, but said she believed it was a response to stirrings among churches and religious groups that expressed fear over losing their tax-exempt status in relation to the Supreme Court's Obergefell ruling legalizing marriage for same-sex couples.