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Current plans to start Brexit negotiations in the week of June 19 may have to be delayed, experts said, adding that when the talks do begin there could be a very different approach from the "hard Brexit" advocated by May that would involve leaving Europe's single market and curbing European immigration.

"Half past nine", suggested EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker.

She told media that she wanted to get to work quickly on talks over Britain's separation from the European Union. Now that it has chose to jump ship, it seems it can't get its act together to actually leave.

The Chancellor did not comment on elections that concluded on Friday, in which British Prime Minister Theresa May's Conservative Party lost the absolute majority.

Britain voted to leave the European Union in a referendum past year in what became popularly known as Brexit.

We want to do it (Brexit) fast, respecting the timetable.

The party won 318 seats, eight less than the total 326 required, which forced her to join hands with Northern Ireland's Democratic Unionist Party.

He said: "The British will now have to set up a new team".

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Guy Verhofstadt, the European Parliament's top Brexit official, is eager to get talks started. "I do hope that the result of the election will have no major impact on the negotiations we are desperately waiting for". "It is not only about the United Kingdom, but also about the future of Europe".

On Twitter, Siegfried Muresan, spokesman for the European Parliament's largest grouping, the European People's Party, said, "EU did not want #Brexit, but has been prepared to negotiate it since previous year".

In the wake of last year's Brexit referendum, called and lost by Prime Minister David Cameron, Britain's Conservative party took a long time to reorganize itself before it finally triggered the Brexit negotiations on March 29. Now, all remains unclear.

"We will defend the interests of the 27 member states, and Britain will defend its own interests". That is why the European Union wants the talks to go smoothly. The risk of having no deal worries some in Britain, particularly businesses.

"The time-frame set by Article 50 of the Treaty leaves us with no time to lose".

European Union budget Commissioner Guenther Oettinger stressed that the official deadline of March 2019 is a bit of a stretch in itself.

The EU "regrets" the Brexit decision, he added. "So we have 15, or 16 more months".