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The GOP governor had been threatening to veto the entire state budget after lawmakers slashed money to Florida's tourism marketing agency and provided only a small amount of money for the state's economic development agency.

Gov. Rick Scott, not apologizing to Flagler Beach City Manager Larry Newsom.

The House speaker had been critical this year of economic development dollars being used as "corporate welfare" to pay big companies to bring jobs to Florida.

Under the terms of the deal negotiated privately over the last few days, Scott agreed to sign the new budget. But absent newfound money, it is very unlikely that lawmakers will again pump up the budget with pet projects, knowing that Scott's veto pen is still unsheathed.

Northwest Florida counties are going to finally get a share of money given to the state for damages related to the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

Advocates of traditional public education welcomed Gov. Rick Scott's demand on Friday that lawmakers redo the K-12 education budget for next year and boost it with $215 million in additional spending. But they appeased Scott with a promising new program that would allocate $85 million to infrastructure and workforce training programs to help create more jobs. The challenge is finding a path for the governor, the House and Senate to each claim a win, or at least, a partial victory.

"The only person who would know is me", Scott told reporters. Striking a deal allowed them to avoid a messy, protracted fight and have something to campaign on.

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Democrats are particularly opposed to HB 7069, which also has drawn criticism from many public education leaders and some top Republicans.

Visit Florida was cut by two thirds and Enterprise Florida received nothing for incentives.

Miami-Dade's cost of living is so high that public school teachers struggle to afford to live here.

Along with rejecting Scotts request for business-incentive money, the budget would reduce the agencys funding for general operations from $23.5 million in the current year.

Lawmakers have yet to complete work to regulate the use of marijuana, which was approved by voters in a constitutional amendment that passed during the November election.

The calls for a medical marijuana special session began nearly as soon as this year's regular session adjourned. Without legislative action, more of the responsibility for the regulatory framework would fall on the state Department of Health.

On the other hand, key appropriations survived, among them $13.5 million for dunes repairs to be split between St. Johns and Flagler, a vital part of county government's funding plan to recover from Hurricane Matthew.