"Very bad for U.S. This will change", Trump tweeted.

In Washington, Trump administration officials on Tuesday appeared to try to soften the message underlying Trump's tweet with comments emphasising the importance of US-European ties.

The German and French defence ministers said Thursday they were certain about the USA commitment to North Atlantic Treaty Organisation despite President Donald Trump's recent failure to publicly endorse its collective defence pledge.

His remarks came two days after Merkel cast doubts on the European Union's alignment with the United States and Britain, saying that Europeans should determine their own destiny.

Further offending Germany, he'll "stop" German vehicle sales because we import too many; Germans "are very, very bad".

Questioned about her comments Tuesday, Merkel reiterated her stance: "the discussions with the United States of America are just as important as with other partners - the transatlantic relations is of incredible importance, but what I said at this current point in time is that there are more reasons than there even were before to take our fate into our hands in Europe".

Last year, the US ran a trade deficit in goods and services with Germany of about $65 billion, down from $75 billion in 2015. Ignore that German vehicle makers have invested in building USA plants with large employment, or that their cars sell well because we like them.

Former Panamanian Dictator Manuel Noriega Dies At 83
The next day Noriega was transferred to Miami for prosecution that would be sentenced to 40 years in prison for drug trafficking. Ezra Angel, Noriega's lawyer, said the former strongman's three daughters would not issue any public statements.

"German investments in India is about 9.5 billion euros, made during 2000-2016, which can be doubled to 18 billion euros over the next five years".

The centre-left leader added: "That does not take anything away from the importance of transatlantic relations or the alliance with the United States".

Some economists argue that the surplus cash generated by a given country through trade often comes back to the U.S in the form of capital investment. "In other words, the accounts balance".

Germany's Minister for Foreign Affairs Sigmar Gabriel also criticised President Trump on Monday, accusing him of "short sighted policies which stand against the European Union and are weakening the West".

"We will conduct departure negotiations in the spirit of Britain remaining a good partner", she said in the southern city of Nuremberg.

Weinberg cautioned that Trump's scolding of European leaders will only prompt those countries to forge closer ties with China, whose leaders have made clear they are happy to fill any economic void created by the United States' move toward more isolationist policies. "This is the basis for a sea change in global power".