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Harris is the only black woman on the committee, or in the Senate for that matter.

Finally conservative author and columnist Ann Coulter put everything into perspective - her number-one talent. But she cautiously noted that, alongside the progress the country has made, "We also recognize this is an incredibly challenging moment in our history".

While such attributes are often rewarded in Washington, they're not going over so well for Harris - at least with some male colleagues and cable commentators. Members of the Democratic faction within the Senate Intelligence Committee meant to press the former Alabama senator not just on any interactions he had with Russian officials, but his conversations with Donald Trump both pre- and post-election that could implicate any collusion between the campaign and the Kremlin. "But when we rush to say "this is sexist" immediately, all the time, or 'this is racist, ' I think we demean those actual instances where it happens".

"But he wasn't hysterical and she was", Powers said pointedly.

Harris: majority of questions that have been asked of you. "Okay, I just wanted to clear that up". It is nearly as if Senator Harris is not being treated the same as her colleagues. Sessions' actions, though a bit irritating, were not unusual, as many in similar situations have used the same stall tactic.

The Tuesday committee hearing with Jeff Sessions is a case in point. Sen.

"Well, will you let me qualify it", Sessions responded. Kamala Devi Harris makes these career politicians nervous.

One issue was Sessions' refusal to answer questions about private meetings he'd had with President Donald Trump. Harris was in the midst of pressing Sessions to name that policy, explain it, and say whether he's reviewed it since when Sen.

Should I interrupt you the same way all the men interrupted her?

McCain: Mr. Chairman, they should be allowed to answer the question.

Atty. Gen. Jeff Sessions takes the oath before testifying before the Senate Intelligence Committee. Sessions then squinted and the corners of his mouth turned up ever so slightly.

McCain complained that Harris was not letting Rosenstein answer, and Burr subsequently chastised her and cut her off.

Harris: questions and you would rely on that policy.

The scene Wednesday was almost identical to one that played out during a hearing last week, when Harris was questioning Rosenstein.

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Miller tried to claim that he meant Harris was using "completely partisan screed" during her time questioning Sessions.

Would he sign a letter giving Special Counsel Robert Mueller full independence from the Justice Department during his own Russian Federation probe, she asked.

You can read the full conversation below via CNN.

"Can you give me a "yes or no" answer?"

"It is", she said, cutting him off. Are you willing to do ... Again and again, he invoked a nonexistent privilege in refusing to answer questions.

Burr: The senator will suspend.

Question Trump administration officials during hearings despite interruptions by Republican colleagues.

But apparently the last few months in D.C. have done little to blunt Harris's sharp prosecution style - which she turned on Sessions yesterday with little remorse.

Friday on ABC's "The View", when the panel was discussing that twice in recent Senate Intelligence Committee hearings, Sen. Sessions' attempts to play feeble-minded (although it's questionable that they were actual attempts) came off insulting to the committee and the American people and were a waste of time.

HOSTIN: They would never do it, and I know Kamala Harris. "Raise your hand if you've been shushed, silenced, scolded, etc".

CNN political analyst Kirsten Powers ripped Trump surrogate Jason Miller on Tuesday night for calling Sen. "I don't think that Senator Wyden was really trying to get to the bottom of answers either".

She was the only senator to be interrupted and reprimanded, despite the fact that many senators - most noticeably Sen. Ron Wyden (D-OR), Miller said, "I think she was hysterical". "It's just women that are usually called hysterical", said Powers. Senator Burr got in on the fun once again, reprimanding Harris to "let him answer".

POWERS: But, how is that hysterical?