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The censoring of the free press is getting worse as the Trump White House has been dodging and refusing to answer questions from CNN during the blacked out White House briefings.

Where people with alternate political beliefs can, you know, question the government.

"Yeah. Some days we'll have them, some days we won't", Spicer said. During Mr Trump's first press conference after winning the election, the CNN reporter was shouted down by the President-to-be, who said, "You are fake news"!

"So, no, Mr. President, no, White House press shop, the media is not the enemy of the White House", Todd concluded, saying the media strive to find the truth.

Urge Sean Spicer to keep press briefings frequent and on camera by signing this Care2 petition.

Every White House has an antagonistic relationship with the media.

The Trump administration found some support from former White House press secretaries who defended the decision to end live camera briefings. Not only has this begun to upset the press corp, but it has also reportedly caused some alarm among a few Trump surrogates according to an article by The Hill aptly titled: "Press briefing crackdown worries Trump allies".

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A senior White House official said Friday that the U.S.is interested in providing India the kind of high technology it provides to its closest allies and defense partners.

Pressed by Acosta - and other reporters - Spicer again refused to answer. Spicer plans to move out of the press secretary role and focus on overall communications strategies, and he's reportedly speaking to potential candidates for the podium.

Spicer has been one of the most visible media personalities of 2017, with his near-daily briefings at the beginning of the administration lampooned memorably on "Saturday Night Live" by Melissa McCarthy. Can you tell us why you turned the cameras off?

Business Insider reports that Acosta later continued the exchange by asking Spicer by asking whether the White House would continue to limit television broadcasting of daily press briefings. Why did you turn them off?

One America News Network White House correspondent Trey Yingst then asked, "Can we get this out of the way?"

When a reporter noted there had been a "drastic shift" in the briefings starting around the time of Trump's foreign trip in late May, Spicer said "We'll continue to mix things up".

"What we're witnessing right now is just this erosion of our freedoms in terms of covering the President of the United States".