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As one might imagine, Abigail uses his massive size to his advantage.

The fourth character of Season 2, Abigail, will be available for those with Street fighter V's Season 2 Character Pass, or with Fight Money. In Street Fighter V, Abigail is a giant that takes up most of the screen and is quite intimidating once he starts approaching his opponent. However, those who have seen Abigail before will see how drastically he has changed from Final Fight. In addition to several command throws, Abigail has an armored running attack that helps him cover distance easily. Abigail and the Metro City Bay Area stage will be available on July 25, 2017. In fact, his key attack is his Nitro Charge run. But to make up for it, he seems to have a ton of armor on his moves. He can transition into a stiff punch, command grab, overhead or V-Skill, making for some interesting mix ups.

V-Trigger: Max Power: After popping his two-bar V-Trigger, Abigail can charge up his four different heavy punches for one hit of armour and extended juggles.

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Critical Art: Abigail Special: Abigail slams his opponent with a downward open-palm strike that puts them into a daze.

That said, though, with two more brand new characters left to be announced for Street Fighter 5's Season 2, Q could very well follow the inclusion of Abigail. You can see how Abigail fares in Street Fighter V in the reveal trailer below.