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"Despacito!" go the new lyrics. "Despacito!" completely changing the original essence of the song.

On Sunday, Maduro released a remix of "Despacito" with lyrics that promoted his goal to change the country's constitution, with what seems to be an eye to change law to extend his own term. "The constituent assembly moves forward".

He added that, while online there were now various versions of the tune - one remix of which features vocals by Justin Bieber - "there has to be a limit".

Cowboys cut Virginia native Lucky Whitehead after reported arrest in home state
Complicating matters, per TMZ , is the fact Whitehead was supposed to appear in court on July 6 but did not show up. The streak of Dallas Cowboys players running into trouble with the law has exceeded any reasonable explanation.

The minister of Communication and multimedia, Salleh Said Keruak, said to AFP that its services had received numerous complaints about this song by the puerto rican Luis Fonsi, whose rate reggaeton latino is accompanied by words marked by sexual innuendo.

"What can you expect from a person who has robbed the lives of so many young people filled with dreams?" Maduro played the song on his weekly television show. "My music is for all of those who want to listen to it and enjoy it, not be used as propaganda that attempts to manipulate the will of a people screaming for its liberty and for a better future". "Illegally appropriating a song ['Despacito'] doesn't compare with the crimes you commit and have committed in Venezuela". "Your dictatorial regime is a joke, not only for my Venezuelan brothers, but for the entire world", he said.

Thanks to falling oil prices and corruption, Venezuela's government and economy have spent the last two years or so in a death spiral, and Maduro has said his very unpopular plan is the only way to bring peace to the country. During the 2016 USA presidential election, artists such as the Rolling Stones, Aerosmith and Adele slammed Donald Trump for playing their music at campaign events, while Queen famously ordered the NY real estate mogul to stop using "We Are the Champions" during his appearances. The constituent assembly would give the government power to rewrite the constitution.