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As mentioned PS4 owners will be the first players to jump into the Destiny 2 Beta and assuming you've pre-order the game and got your beta code, you'll be able to start playing at 6PM UK time on July 18. Bungie could - and probably will - use the data it collects from the beta to balance weapons and abilities before Destiny 2 launches in September. If you haven't yet purchased the game, you can find the game through the PS4 or Xbox One store when the open beta releases.

What is Destiny 2's Termite Error?

New Social Space: At 10 AM PT on July 23, you can visit the social space The Farm and do things like kick around a soccer ball or make friends with a chicken.

Pre-loading for the Destiny 2 was made available last week, meaning if you pre-ordered the game you'll be able to download it right now on your console.

PC: PC Beta is coming in August at an unspecified date.

If you haven't got a code, and didn't bother pre-ordering, you'll have to wait for the open beta, which kicks off on July 21.

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What are you most looking forward to trying out during the beta? While the environments themselves are impressive, as are the ways in which you can traverse them, it's the big moments that really sell the Beta.

The final multiplayer piece of the Destiny 2 beta comes in the form of the new Inverted Spire three-player cooperative strike.

Strike: Try the new Inverted Spire Strike set in a Vex stronghold.

Countdown is an elimination game type, where you've either got to plant bombs, or defend the points while taking down the enemy team. This can be played with two friends you bring or via matchmaking. Two teams fight for control of three flags throughout the battlefield.

It may take a bit of time to obtain everything in the Destiny 2 Beta, but it's worth it to try out every weaponed offered to players. Bungie is aware of the following problems, but you can report other issues to the developers through the Help forum found here. Control is played on the Endless Vale Map.

Bungie says that the Destiny 2 Beta has normal character progression disabled.