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A Texas man was rescued from inside an ATM after he sent desperate "help me" notes through the receipt slot.

Unfortunately, he locked himself inside the ATM room and can not let himself out or call for help because he left his phone and key card in his truck. In desperation, he made a decision to slip an SOS message through the receipt slot, which was still in service, in hope that some bank customer would read it and help him.

One read, "Please help". But one called police, who detected a faint voice coming from inside the ATM.

The unidentified man was reportedly repairing a lock in a room behind the bank's ATM when he inadvertently locked himself.

The contractor resorted to posting notes begging ATM customers for help.

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Some people thought it was a joke, but thankfully, someone finally called police.

Police said a number of other ATM users ignored the notes thinking it was a joke. "It's got to be a joke", officer Richard Olden recounted. "Please call my boss" through the receipt slot. Some people assumed it was a joke and drove away, until one eventually got out of his auto, and approached the machine.

The man assured the police officers it was anything but.

A month later, a man in Colorado was freed from the cavity wall of a department store, after being stuck there for three days.

"You'll never see this again in your life that somebody's stuck in the ATM machine". He is thought to have been trapped inside for two hours.