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Pursuing the same complaints, the lawsuit argues that Trump's Twitter account constitutes a public forum and blocking those users is violation of their First Amendment rights, making it unconstitutional.

"President Trump's Twitter account has become an important source of news and information about the government and an important forum for speech by, to, or about the president", Jameel Jaffer, executive director of the Knight Institute, said.

"Because of their criticism of the President, these Plaintiffs have been prevented or impeded from viewing the President's tweets, from replying to the tweets, from viewing the discussions associated with the tweets, and from participating in those discussions", the complaint claims.

The lawsuit names as defendants Trump, press secretary Sean Spicer and Daniel Scavino, the the White House's social media director.

The blocking, the lawsuit said, "imposes an unconstitutional restriction on their participation in a designated public forum" and aims "to suppress dissent in this forum". "The right to seek a legal remedy when the president violates my rights is an extraordinary thing, one of many things that makes America great".

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But since becoming president, Trump, or those who run his account, has also shown a prickly propensity to block anyone who dares tweet a critical remark at the account. The White House did not respond to a request for comment about the lawsuit. Her reply got 9,033 likes and 3,371 retweets and was blocked by the president shortly afterwards.

After the election, I programmed my phone to alert me whenever Trump tweeted.

"Now I have extremely limited access to the public forum where I once could be heard", Gu said.

"This isn't just about Trump, and it's not just about Twitter", another plaintiff, Holly Figueroa, wrote in the Washington Post. "It's about ensuring that as new platforms of communication are developed, and more and more politicians use social media as a primary way to communicate with constituents, we don't lose our ability to participate in our democracy or exercise our First Amendment rights". In case you're wondering what rights are granted by the First Amendment, the original stipulation of the American constitution allows every person the right to "speech" as long as it isn't deliberate libel or calls to violence.

But Fallow said that her confidence in the case was bolstered by a 19 June supreme court ruling unanimously striking down a North Carolina law that prohibited registered sex offenders from accessing social media sites.