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This feature enables Echo, Echo Dot, and Echo Show owners to synchronize their music playback across multiple devices in different rooms.

Amazon has finally added multi-room audio support to its Echo devices, allowing users to simultaneously stream music over multiple speakers in their homes. This means you can now pump the jams from one Echo device, or a group of them, using simple voice controls. Amazon calls the new feature Multi-Room Music.

Amazon is working to make Alexa and the Echo essential tools for managing the home, adding to their digital skillset and opening up tools for other companies to plug into Alexa's voice commands.

If you thought the McGregor-v-Mayweather was going to be the best fight you'd see in 2017, you might be sorely disappointed: Sonos and Amazon are preparing for an all-out brawl in the connected speaker space. These tools will be available early next year. The company has confirmed it plans to work with Sonos, Bose, Sound United, and Samsung to enable these APIs to work on their speaker products. Once you've done that, you'll be able to tell Alexa to play music on a specific speaker by using its name, a la "Alexa, play Beyonce in the kitchen". Multi-room audio, that is.

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To set up multi-room audio, head to settings in the Alexa app. Scroll down until you find Audio Groups and select Multi-Room Music. "Soon, users will be able to play their favorite song, alter the volume, or change an input in any room where our connected products are placed, simply by asking Alexa to do so".

After that, it's music time, all over the house.

Out of the three on-demand music streaming services, Spotify easily remains the largest in terms of subscribers.