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The difference between these two creatures was more evident than ever in last week's episode "Beyond the Wall", as we discovered that wights are tied to the fate of the white walker that reanimated them.

That's the theory one Reddit user has put forward ahead of the finale of Game of Thrones' seventh season next week.

"From here Bran gets stuck in the past (exactly as Brynden and Jojen warned him not to) and becomes the Night king".

It does not take much longer to wait before seeing the season finale of Game of Thrones season 7 on HBO and OCS and you are helped to wait until then with some speculation. That means there's potentially a really efficient method of eliminating the massive army of dead men, especially considering how many corpses the Night King himself raised at Hardhome. While this seems ridiculous on the surface, it actually makes a lot of sense when you start diving into it. But we do learn that killing the White Walker that created the wights fighting alongside them destroys the wights as well. In addition to being perplexed by the episode's wonky timeline and those seriously odd conversations between Arya and Sansa, we also had to wonder how in the hell the Night King appeared to know that Daenerys's dragons would show up to aid Jon Snow.

Westerosi legends tell of ice dragons whose cold breath freezes men as quickly as dragonflame melts them, but there are no stories of fire-breathing dragons being raised by the Night King. Instead, the Night King is the third head of the dragon.

First, there are some fans who believe that Bran messed up during one of his visions, causing the Night King to retroactively gain the mind of the Three-Eyed Raven. The first time, he'll instruct the Mad King to manufacture wildfire and save it beneath King's Landing, but we all know what happens to that. They don't even necessarily have to target the Night King specifically; they could eat away at the normal White Walkers and make a dent in the army big enough to push the Night King back and perhaps eventually defeat him.

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But anyway, it's clear the Night King shares at least some of Bran's abilities, which explains just about everything.

The final clincher of this theory actually comes from a scene in the previous episode, "Eastwatch," when Bran is warging into a flock of crows flying over the army of wights. You should not be able to defeat magic by loophole.

Or maybe one of the reasons the White Walkers needed such a massive army was because they are planning to use their massive numbers to form a ramp out of their bodies.

How was the Night King made?

Now the question is: What will happen when the fire and ice dragons face off?

The season finale of the penultimate season of "Game of Thrones" will air same time as the United States, at 11am Monday AEST on Showcase.