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Sec. of State Rex Tillerson was asked about Trump's values after the United Nations criticized his response to racist demonstrations in the US. We represent the American people, we represent America's values, our commitment to freedom, our commitment to equal treatment of people the world over, and that message has never changed, " he said.

"We do view it as a provocative act against the United States and our allies, Mr Tillerson said in an interview on Fox News Sunday".

Wallace quoted from Gorka's resignation letter, which said that "a crucial element of the presidential campaign has been lost" because Trump's speech laying out his policy for Afghanistan did not mention "radical Islamic terrorism".

Tillerson, appearing on Fox News Sunday, made the comment when asked about Trump's reaction to the rally, in which he blamed "many sides" for violence that erupted in the city of Charlottesville. We represent the American people.

The Aug. 13 protests in Charlottesville, Virginia, began as a rally organized by white supremacists and turned deadly when a counter-protester was run down by a vehicle. Then, then next day, he generated further controversy with his "both sides" remark during a press conference at Trump Tower. Notably, Tillerson was quick to put Trump's threats of "fire and fury" against North Korea into perspective, reassuring Americans that there was no imminent threat of a nuclear war.

His slowness to hire key staff, micro-managerial tendencies, and willingness to accede to White House-proposed cuts have left the department feeling rudderless, according to many accounts.

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The Administration "must do better in consistently and unequivocally condemning these groups", Cohn, who is Jewish, said.

"Here's what I said on Saturday", he told the crowd, before reading parts of the initial White House statement.

Tillerson previously condemned hate speech and bigotry more broadly as un-American and antithetical to the values on which the United States was founded and promotes overseas.

Tillerson replied: "The president speaks for himself". Wallace continued, referring to Trump's statements and how that might affect others' perceptions of United States values. "Those who embrace it poison our public discourse, and they damage the very country that they claim to love".

In front of the students, the secretary of State had, on August 18, strongly "condemned the racism and bigotry in all their forms ".