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After President Donald Trump restricted the ability of the cash-strapped Venezuelan government to access US debt markets to get funding, there were passionate reactions Friday in Caracas, Havana and Miami. This effort at economic isolation is at least a way of standing with the people of Venezuela, letting them know that their voices are heard, that the US will not stand idly by as democracy crumbles - not here in our own hemisphere. Trump had previously threatened military action against Venezuela, comments that feed Maduro's claim that the United States could be behind an invasion of the oil-rich country.

"When I see the images from Charlottesville, I say, "I hope the people of the United States will be saved from fascist hate", he said.

Speaking from Macarao National Park, in the western state of Miranda, Padrino said "from this observation post (and) accompanied by all of my fellow soldiers. on Sunday we officially begin this drill", Xinhua reported.

He found an opportunity to argue his case that he's being unfairly targeted after Trump said earlier this month that he wouldn't rule out a "military option" to resolve Venezuela's crisis - comments that were roundly rejected throughout Latin America, even by some of Maduro's toughest critics.

His grip is largely thanks to the support of the military, which holds vast powers in his government, including over food distribution.

She said they aimed to discourage "any disloyalty in the ranks of the FANB, which is a worry for the intelligence services", and "to reinforce the anti-imperialist line".

On Thursday, the president issued a stern warning to the armed forces not to break ranks.

Police responding to active shooter and hostage situation in downtown Charleston
At least one person was shot and killed and another was injured, police said , according to Fox News , citing the city's mayor. Authorities instructed people inside to stay inside and those outside to leave the area.

That could choke off access to NY debt markets and substantially raise the likelihood of Venezuela being forced into default.

"Never before has Venezuela been threatened in such a way". They marched for a couple of blocks in Havana's Vedado neighborhood and they asked Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro to "go hard" against Trump.

Maduro's opponents accuse military police and pro-Maduro militia of beating and killing anti-government protesters who are demanding elections to replace him. As well, they are not allowed to made new transactions with the Venezuelan oil company, PDVSA, as the administration deems that such businesses fuel Nicolas Maduro's dictatorship.

Protest clashes have left 125 people dead so far this year, according to prosecutors.

American lawmakers have called it a big problem for U.S. national security and sent a warning letter to President Donald Trump.

Venezuela's Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza, however, described the sanctions as threats, and called on the United Nations to denounce them.