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The new five-minute trailer features a host of new gameplay from across the board, so whether you're just looking for new space battles, massive set-pieces in large-scale multiplayer fights or some more single-player footage, you're catered for. Down Star Destroyers the size of cities, use the Force to prove your worth against iconic characters such as Kylo Ren, Darth Maul, or Han Solo, as you play a part in a gaming experience inspired by 40 years of timeless Star Wars films.

EA has released a new preview for Star Wars Battlefront II featuring Star Wars actor John Boyega as takes fans on a tour of the upcoming video game.

As Boyega explains, the number of playable Heroes, locations, and vehicles has tripled between 2015's Battlefront and Battlefront II.

That's not all as there is an offline mode called Arcade. The trailer goes through the maps, modes, vehicles, heroes, and everything else you can expect from the game.

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The Beta will provide a small taste of Arcade on the Theed map, but the full version will have you test your wits and reflexes in all three eras of Star Wars. There should be around 6-7 rewarding criterias and it will gradually increase for the last ones which will make you think twice before leaving the game, especially in overtimes. On consoles, you'll also be able to team up with a friend or battle against one another in split screen versus.

Star Wars: Battlefront 2 launches November 17 on PlayStation 4, Windows PC and Xbox One.

Throughout the trailer, Boyega makes a pretty compelling pitch that Battlefront II has corrected numerous issues that fans had with the first title. Starfighter Assault will offer up Star Wars spaceships to allow for massive, objective-based space battles.