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Volkswagen Group, Renault, Kia and Toyota are the latest vehicle manufacturers to offer scrappage schemes, joining the likes of BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Ford.

This week Toyota and Hyundai became the latest manufacturers to introduce a scrappage scheme offering money off a new auto if buyers traded in certain older vehicles.

Alison Jones, director of Volkswagen UK, said: "With this new Scrappage Upgrade scheme, there's never been a better time to step up from an older diesel into one of our new, lower- emission range of Volkswagens".

The news of the diesel scrappage scheme comes around two years after Volkswagen was rocked and the auto industry itself was rocked by the revelations of the dieselgate scandal.

It's just the latest of a host of manufacturers to introduce scrappage or switching schemes with financial incentives.

Discounts range from £2,000 off the Aygo up to £4,000 off a Land Cruiser - with additional savings made when twinned with the plug-in grant.

Customers are being offered monetary incentives to switch to cleaner Euro 6 petrol or diesel, plug-in hybrid, or all-electric vehicles.

"Owners of older vehicles typically don't have the money to spend on a new vehicle, even with these discounts - in normal circumstances it would be far more likely that they would trade up to another, less old used auto". Other companies that have offered similar scrappage schemes include Ford, BMW and Toyota. "Motorists can dispose of their older vehicles and have access to our cleaner, more efficient model range".

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Hilton also suggested that the way forward is not through individual schemes operated by each manufacturer but through a more formalised approach.

Most of the trade-ins can be of any brand of auto registered before 2010, the date when vehicles have had to comply with Euro V regulations on engine standards and cleanliness.

Toyota's scheme also runs until 31 December and offers up to £4,000 to trade in old diesel vehicles for newer models, including petrol-electric hybrids.

Available immediately at all Kia dealers, the scheme guarantees the scrappage bonus on Kia's latest small cars when any old vehicle is traded in for destruction.

Nissan is calling its scheme a "switch" plan as not all the cars traded in will be ditched.

The scheme is open to all pre-Euro 5 engine cars registered before 2010. On Friday, the European Union announced tougher emissions tests across the continent, furthering the appetite for these schemes.

Scrapping an old auto and buying a new SEAT Ibiza would involve a €1,500 grant; with €2,750 against a new Octavia.