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Chief engineer Mark Chapman said that at the Bloodhound's top speeds, a 1kg (2.2 Ibs) bag of sugar would weigh 50 tonnes, and that the car's full power will be equivalent to 180 Formula one vehicles.

To celebrate the event (and their partership with the high-speed team), Belstaff has designed a limited edition Bloodhound jacket cut from a bi-stretch material that stands up to the elements (with water resistant, wind proof, moisture wicking and UV protective properties, as well as reflective details, a high stand collar, rubberised hardware, smartphone friendly pocket and concealed orange hood). Tests at those speeds will give more critical feedback about the design, including how the wheels perform.

Remarkably, they number among their sponsors a division of the Health and Safety Executive, which is keen to show the world that it is not just there to stop kids playing conkers - it stands for the proper management of risk, because risk will always be with us, and nowhere is that better exemplified than in the breaking of speed records by massive margins.

Green set the record at 1227,98 km/h 20 years ago.

They are expected to make the record attempt in 2019 in the Kalahari Desert, the paper says.

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The two runway trials came after a series of tests to check the car's steering, brakes, suspension and data systems, as well as the efficiency of the intake feeding air to the EJ200 jet engine, sourced from a Eurofighter Typhoon. "This is a proper fast vehicle".

In development since 2008, it is being tested at Newquay airport at speeds of up to 200mph. For the initial record attempt, the Bloodhound will use a single monopropellant rocket which can produce around 40kN of thrust.

The vehicle is not yet the finished article.

The vehicle travelled from zero to 200 miles per hour in under 8 seconds, accelerating at 1.5 G. And even at this late stage, the design is changing. Green, along with many Bloodhound Project team members, achieved a speed of 760 miles per hour in 1997 with a turbofan-powered vehicle, the ThrustSSC, in Nevada.

While Bloodhound is proudly British the project owes its continuation to the Chinese auto company Geely, which owns Volvo, Lotus and Proton.