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Her headless torso was found floating in waters off Copenhagen on August 21, 11 days after she went missing.

Police have previously said 15 stab wounds were found on the torso and Mr Moeller Jensen said there were no fractures to 30-year-old Ms Wall's skull.

Møller Jensen said Saturday that an official cause of death has still not been established.

Wall studied at the Sorbonne University in Paris, the London School of Economics and at Columbia University in NY, where she graduated with a master's degree in journalism in 2013.

Self-taught engineer and inventor Peter Madsen, 46, has been accused of Wall's death, with prosecutors saying that he dismembered her body before throwing it overboard.

Madsen has also denied amputating her limbs, saying he tried to bury her whole body at sea.

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The police have charged Danish inventor Peter Madsen with killing the Swedish journalist, a charge carrying a sentence of five years to and life in prison.

Madsen however insisted the hard drive did not belong to him.

Jensen said the divers on Friday found the clothes and body parts in bags weighed down with metal pieces.

Her head was in a bag along with two legs. Madsen was safeguarded from the sinking vessel and brought shorewards, where he was grabbed by police, yet there was no hint of the missing columnist.

Remedy: This story has been refreshed to clear up that some of Wall's remaining parts were found in a different sack from her apparel. He later admitted the journalist had died while on board the UC3 Nautilus. A capable author, her work showed up in The New York Times, the Guardian and TIME, among productions.